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General dead-button or forward-moving-button rules apply when three or more players remain. When you get down to two players, whoever most recently paid the big blind posts the small blind, the other player posts the big blind, and the button is moved under the small blind.


Any Pokerhand consists of 5 Cards. These 5 cards are the best Cards of all the 7 Cards (5 Board + 2 Hand). The Order of Hands is (Best to worse) Royal Flush (10-A Street of 1 Color) Straight Flush (any Street of 1 Color) 4 of a kind (for Example 6 6 6 6) Full House (3 of a kind + a pair) Flush (5 cards of one Color) Straight (5 cards) 3 of a Kind 2 Pair 1 ...


highest pair or high card. if the the players have same value then the pot is split.


You always have to see who's pair is the best in that case J,A wins. You always play the 5 best cards so in this case the best hands of each player is Hand 1: 55 AK9 (one paire of 5) Hand 2: 99 AKJ (one pair of 9) Hand 3: KK AQ9 (one pair of K) Hand 4: 66 AK9 (one pair of 6) Hand 5: AA KJ9 (one pair of A) Since Player 5 has a pair of Aces it is ...


I am going to ignore the bet amounts and your stack size first and give you a general answer, you have no fold equity anyway. Well in live, yes you can, there is nothing stopping you from physically turning your hand over and if you're all-in your hand cannot be made dead. However it is extremely bad etiquette. I have been a poker dealer for 3 years, ...


Yes, this was a serious dealer mistake, and I would have reprimanded him (or her) for it. At showdown, Villain had the only properly tabled hand. Hero's hand is still eligible to win, but has not been shown yet. Dealer's job was to wait for Hero to show his hand or surrender it, and should have announced clearly, "Best hand shown is . Show this hand or ...


Technically, the only showed hand at showdown was the villain's. You did not show your four cards and therefore the villain had the only hand that merits a claim to the pot at showdown. You mucked your hand without showing and when doing so you loose claim to the pot. I would rule your hand has no claim to the pot. Simple rule "table your cards face up" or ...

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