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As far as I am aware there is nothing to stop someone ten betting for example. It's all down too how many chips you have. Its unlikely to happen, because most of the time once its gone to 3 or 4 bets then someone will go all in and the other person will call therefore ending the betting.


Poker is typically played "table-stakes" which means that a player cannot bet more money/chips than is setting on the table in front of him. The only thing that would prevent infinite reraises between two determined players is one (or both) running out of money to bet. In heads-up play, as soon as one player goes all-in and is called (or calls all-in), the ...


"typically three raises plus one initial bet" is the rule I guess.


In Razz or 7-Stud Hi-Lo, you have 7 cards and you must take 5 cards to make your hand. If you have 2 pairs, you have 3 other differents cards. You must take them in order to have no pairs in your hand. For example, if you have 9922TJA, your hand will be A29TK. it's a K Higher. In a hand like 994422J (3 pairs in 7 cards), your final hand will have a Pair ...


The hand should proceed, and UTG+3's hand should be declared dead. The answers that say this is a misdeal are flat out wrong. So much action has already happened in the hand that it makes absolutely no sense to declare a misdeal unless you're using some very particular (and bad) house rules that everyone has had access to. In particular, in Robert's Rules ...


This is a miss deal. You can't just penalize the player who got dealt an extra card and continue play as if all is well. Once it has been declared a miss deal all players muck their cards (a few players usually complain because they have an ace/pair in their hand). Then the hand is re-dealt in the same position as if the miss deal didn't happen


You've left out a crucial fact to answer your question. You stated "C and E won the hand" but did they have equal hands, or did E's hand beat C's (meaning C won by virtue of having more interest in the pot)? If C and E had equal hands, then they will chop (split) the main 1000 pot, and C will take the side pot completely. If E's hand beat C's, E will take ...

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