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You've left out a crucial fact to answer your question. You stated "C and E won the hand" but did they have equal hands, or did E's hand beat C's (meaning C won by virtue of having more interest in the pot)? If C and E had equal hands, then they will chop (split) the main 1000 pot, and C will take the side pot completely. If E's hand beat C's, E will take ...


Most online pokersoftwares work with the same rules at this point: As soon as you disconnect or quit your timebank will be activated. If it runs off, you check or autofold on raise. So P3 or P4 would get this pot - depends on their cards. And on next hand they just autofold and blind down until they've no chips anymore.


Sidepots are created at the end of the round (preflop, flop, turn and river). Because each player has the amount of chips that he put into the game in front of himself. And as soon as the round ends and the dealer collects all the chips the dealer has to build sidepot(s). Example: P1 has $500 P2 has $1000 P3 has $1000 We are in flop: P1 bets $250. P2 ...


Folded hands can't compete for side pots because of historical reasons. Many experts in the game believe today that that rule is being exploited by professional short stackers (mainly online) and would like to change it. There's very little good reason that folded hands can't compete for side pots, except that it would make managing the game a little harder ...

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