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No, B folded. They are no longer in the hand. Cards are tabled, main pot of 75$ goes to A or C, depending on who has the best cards. If a side pot exists it goes to C.


I am a little confused about your described hand action. The fact that you use A, B, and C to denote players implies to me that they're acting in that alphabetical order. If A bets 1000 and B calls 1000, then C calls all-in for 500, there's no reason for A to fold, because he owes no additional money to stay in the hand. Can you please clarify that action? ...


I find the simplest way to remember the side-pot rules (at least an equivalent version of them...your naming conventions may vary as TacticalCoder remarked). Whenever a player goes all-in a side pot is immediately created and the portion of any players total bet (past or future) in excess of the total bet of the all-in player becomes a bet in the side-pot ...

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