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You have 3 pots $40 - player1, player2, player3, player4 $120 - player2, player3, player4 $100 - player3, player4 Hand order 1 - Player1 Player2 tie 9933A 2 - Player3 Player4 tie 3322A Player1 and Player 2 split the $40 pot Player2 wins the $120 pot Player3 and Player4 spit the $100 pot


Player three wins the money from the other players that match player three's money. In this case player three is going to get the main pot, which is seventy five. That is twenty five from player one, twenty five from player two and player three's original betting. Player one or two only wins the seventy five in the main pot if he can show down a better ...


The main pot is 75 and goes to player 3 The fold of 75 side pot is between player 1 and 2 only That side pot would just go back to player 1 when player 2 folded So player 1 did player 3 a favor by pushing 2 off the hand From the perspective of player 1 there is no fold equity to that final bet In a tournament (especially in the money) you will ...

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