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500 tournaments is probably enough to indicate whether or not you are a winning player. You need a few thousand to have any accurate idea of what your win-rate will be (and, since you're just starting out, your win-rate should improve a lot during the first 500, let alone during the thousands we're talking about, so you'd need a few thousand games after ...


Although poker is changing all the time fundamentally the game is still the same. Its only really peoples strategies that change. If this book has been recommended in several places then its obviously a good book even if it is 5 years old. So you should probably take a look at it, if you get the opportunity. In my opinon the best way to continue to learn ...


In my opinion for a steady income I find sng much better. I can multi-table a lot better so will play a bit lower stakes in more games which gives me a more steady income. This is however just a personal opinion.


You are comparing apples and bannanas... those two are two different worlds... In one you can rebuy and play as long as you want on always the same blinds on the other there is a ever shrinking number of players and rising blinds... play both for some time let's say 100 hours and see what gives you more profit... then stick to it... this is just a ...

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