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I know this is coming a bit late but I did not see anyone comment on the specific size. Stealing the pot can be profitable so depending on the board you might be right on target with the steal attempt. 3x however will not be the right size in any situation. If you are aiming to make your opponents fold draws (again depending on board) 4/5 bet will most ...


Even in 2015, The moshman's book is considered the top-book for SNGs. Before this book came out, the best one for SNGs was Earn $30,000 Per Month Playing Online Poker by Ryan Wiseman. Having read both of them, i say that Sit 'n Go Strategy: Expert advice for beating one table poker tournaments is way better than $30,000... book. It gives many, many examples ...


I would suggest that you slowly build up to this amount of tables rather than diving into it all at once. If you are timing out like you say then this is a sign that you are playing way too many tables. You should play the amount right now that allows you to make good quality decisions but not get bored. Then add one at a time as you get used to it. gl!

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