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I own a poker tour in Colorado that specializes in "bar poker". I feel your pain in the sense of not wanting people who aren't spending money to win anything, but the way the law is interpreted in my state it's just a change you are going to have to take. As an owner, I don't want non-paying customers to win any more than the venue (bar) does. Generally if ...


If they are not going to buy something, then the establishment might have grounds to remove people, but that's a law issue and not a poker thing. If it is clear that the poker is entertainment for paying customers, then you probably are fine, but talk to a lawyer.


Not Sure if it breaks laws, but you could give paying customers an advantage by adding to their chip stacks if they buy products. As long as it's obvious to everyone of course. However, that may mean it's not neccesarily a "Freeroll" anymore. Ethically speaking, "weeding" out non buying customers from winning may amount to cheating on the poker providers ...

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