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I'm Mike Johanson, one of the authors on the recent "HULHE is solved" paper, and I wrote a fair chunk of the code for Cepheus. kuzzooroo's link was the right one. At the link he gave (not reproduced here - new account, I have no reputation to post > 2 links), you can query any part of Cepheus' strategy, or play against it -- at least, you will be able to ...


Heads-up limit hold'em is now solved!. The AI has a great website that will, among other things, tell you the optimal multistrategy at http://poker.srv.ualberta.ca/.


Sure you can create such software, that is only a technical problem. Search over at stack overflow and you will find questions and answers related to poker shuffling routines and such. I am assuming you have some technical experience to take on such a challenge. With the question about licensing, I really can not tell you. It is a very complicated question ...

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