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HoldemManager 2 and PokerTracker 4 are still the market leaders. HoldemManager 2 uses a lot of ram, especially when you play 12+tabled and use a HUD. But when you play on MacOSx you can only use PokerTracker 4 - because Holdem Manager 2 is Windows only. But it also depends on which stakes you play. If you only play micros and do not want to spend 100$ for ...


Not sure exactly what game you're playing. Anyway, as far as I've always seen, bb means big blinds and BB means big bets. In most poker variants, the betting size doubles at some point in the hand. For example, in limit hold'em, on the turn and river, the bet size is doubled. The size of the bet on the turn and river is the big bet size. You must be playing ...


If you're on MAC it's got to go to Poker Copilot, it's really simple to use, simple to set up and they give a really decent trial period - although it costs £49 (~$80) to purchase once it's ran out, so it can be quite pricey. I also like the PokerZebra software (available on the MAC app store for a few pounds) to calculate pot odds quickly.


I agree, FPDB is a great, valid, and valuable utility that is 100% and open source last time I checked. And it works just fine at sealswithclubs :) If you want a relatively 'light' database and hand tracker/analyzer, DEFINITELY try out FPDB. If you are looking for a highly valuable, and game changing leak buster, I suggest HoldemManager HIGHLY. Do not ...


There are no publicly available AIs to practice against and train with at the level I'm afraid. If you're looking for an AI to play against you can look at Poker Academy, their site has been up and down in recent years but that considered the best limit AI publicly available. Their no limit AIs are rubbish however.

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