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I'm Mike Johanson, one of the authors on the recent "HULHE is solved" paper, and I wrote a fair chunk of the code for Cepheus. kuzzooroo's link was the right one. At the link he gave (not reproduced here - new account, I have no reputation to post > 2 links), you can query any part of Cepheus' strategy, or play against it -- at least, you will be able to ...


Sure you can create such software, that is only a technical problem. Search over at stack overflow and you will find questions and answers related to poker shuffling routines and such. I am assuming you have some technical experience to take on such a challenge. With the question about licensing, I really can not tell you. It is a very complicated question ...


The NY Times article was fascinating to me because they completely ignored the fact that Poker Snowie already exists. Google them and read up on them. They have been around a while and they are generally accepted as playing very, very good poker. I'm not sure if they've "solved" poker (whatever that means!) but they have been around a long time. In fact, ...


Heads-up limit hold'em is now solved!. The AI has a great website that will, among other things, tell you the optimal multistrategy at http://poker.srv.ualberta.ca/.

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