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Just take the instance of a freeroll, with limited players, isn't it clear that the colluding players have a better chance, more entries at no cost.


Since you don't specify the tracker program are using, i assume you own Pokertracker, although HEM has a similar functionality, but you have to paid for it. Poker tracker specifically has a free tool embedded called Leaktracker which is only for cash (under View Stats -> LeakTracker). This tool handles exactly what you want, it shows you a statistic ...


This is likely to be very situation dependent. There is however, a section in the PokerTracker tool that analyses the range of common actions that players have taken, (eg. Cbet flop, fold to flop Cbet, 3bet stats, aggression stats, etc.), and gives a broad estimate of how often profitable players are taking those actions, whilst comparing your stats ...

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