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No. Against unknown hands, cash or tournament, you'd be hard-pressed to have both the implied odds and the fold equity to play this hand. The only reason to play this hand would be if it was limped around to you in the BB (which is why open-limping isn't wise: BB can hit his trash he would have folded).


I once spent an afternoon analyzing 7-2 with Poker Probe (An old program by Mike Caro). I was curious if there was any situation that justified making a call with 2-7. PP was a pretty simple program, you could run a hand against a configurable hand, or a number of random hands. It for example could tell you how often a particular hand would hold up against a ...


It seems the "Adjusted" description relates to a calculation involving ICM. Ripped direct from the PT4 forums, posted by the mod WhiteRider: (See the whole thread here) "My C" means "My Currency", and implies a monetary stat. "My C Net Adjusted" is your expected winnings based on the difference in ICM values between your actual chip stack at the ...

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