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This happens to everybody in poker at times. It is important to keep your cool during periods like this and just keeping making the correct folds. Most players at these stakes are really passive and they usually have exactly what they are representing.


Going by probabilities where the expected value is the average of the sums of all possible outcomes in the set, the standard application of EV in poker is for hand analysis, meaning did I make the right decision based on the current pot, cards, and previous play. In this sense we are dealing with constant values and your best estimation of the opponent and ...


For me, the best way to play Aces is to sometimes limp-in and other times raising preflop. In the games I play, if I raise 15 to 20 it doesn't surprise me to to get 3 to 5 callers. The problem I run into, is let's say I get 3 callers of 20 dollars, now there 80 in the pot and, even with a good flop for Aces, it's so hard to know where my opponents are at. ...


EV is a mathematical term that only makes sense on the long run. In probability theory, the expected value of a random variable is intuitively the long-run average value of repetitions of the experiment it represents Thus there's just one value of EV which more or less translate to "the expected total value if we were to repeat this draw an infinite (or in ...

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