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K7 steals one winner from A2 K7 wins 3456 and K8 does not K8 does not steal 4567 as A2 does not have a piece of it


Best 5 cards every time 5 is greater than 2 5 is greater than 3 A,K,J,T,5 clubs wins


Line the cards up (in your head) from small to large Add 4 (not 5) and do you get two more cards Paint just memorize 7J 8Q 9K TA Or you can count J as 11, Q as 12, K as 13 and A as 14 If there is just 1 more card then a straight draw Not recognizing means losing some big pots. You bet top pair, 2 pair, or a set big thinking you are good. If ...


It varies from casino to casino. Typically, yes you do, although some rooms are moving away from that rule or are disallowing players from asking to see mucked hands, if they abuse the rule. Primary source: Wikipedia poker showdown


There are many free vector graphic websites. I find these two the most reliable and extensive: Alternatively, you could opt to hire a freelancer on a website such as or Where you can get exactly what you want designed for very reasonable prices. Hiring a ...

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