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This is false. The hand will play out as usual with the flop, turn, and river. I'm not sure where your friend heard this or why he believed it. There are plenty of televised heads-up tournament matches available with a quick youtube search where you can see how heads-up hands get played.


Each player in a basic game of poker is given five cards to make their hand. There are variants to the game where players receive more then five cards and players have community cards. However it is the best five cards of a players hand that make their hand. If the best five cards you have, are not better then another players best five cards you loose the ...


Sorry for the sick bump. First off about me. I used to be an online pro between 2008 to 2014, with my main game being 10/20 6max of NL and PLO, though I have played as high as 200/400. Short stacking is often a misunderstood "strategy". It gets a bad rap because of ratholers, but it's not all that bad of an idea for most people (provided you know how to ...


Hands Overview Straight Flush Four of a kind Full house Flush Straight Three of a kind Two Pair Pair High card Why that order? The order is based on math / statistics. It is simply harder to make one hand versus another. Hole cards The cards in your hand. In hold-em two cards. Board Board is the common / shared cards. Best five cards Every hand ...

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