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This is false. The hand will play out as usual with the flop, turn, and river. I'm not sure where your friend heard this or why he believed it. There are plenty of televised heads-up tournament matches available with a quick youtube search where you can see how heads-up hands get played.


You are not going to prevent losing to the set. But you could prevent losing your stack to the set. preflop preflop mid just called so AJo is probably ahead or a coin flip to low pair AQ or better would have raised you bet 60 - raised 40 into 1 $50 pot so you are giving 110:40 pot odds = 2.75 : 1 that is going to chase off blanks in the blinds it is ...


I think you should be raising more here pre-flop, with that said I wouldn't say it's necessarily bad. Villain can't really fold, with what is likely in their early position limping range, for 40 more with 110 in the pot. Very much depends on your style, but I'd probably bet about 80/90 here. I would have bet the flop too. Depending on what the villain does ...

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