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This was a terrible decision, and no competent poker floorman would ever have done that. The game is heads-up; a player has every right to show his cards at any time, and does not lose any privileges by doing so, because there is no third party to be affected. The dealer should simply have reminded the player "you haven't called", and been allowed to call ...


If a player exposes his hand with action behind him. The hand is dead. In this particular situation, there are 2 important things to note. 1) There was no more action left in this hand. The only decision left was from the player who had the action on him. 2) The hand was not exposed with the intention of inducing a reaction. So, IMO, The hand should ...


I wrote an email to the PS support team and they confirmed that the Android app doesn't have this information. I could not find any place to request this feature to PS dev team.


If you had more chance to win by playing every hand, everyone would play every hand all the time and there wouldn't be much of a game.

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