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Regarding the issue with the ante: yes, the dealer will give you back a chip of 500. (S)he will take it either from the current pot or ask another player to make the exchange. But only put the 1000 chip in if you don't have anything smaller to pay for the ante. As long as you have the required chip denominations, use them. As for exchanging chips: yes, ...


Because it is hard to say if player is sitting out or not while playing on-line. Usually (i.e. at pokerstars) after 1st missed action player is put into state "Sitting out" when it is not dealt any cards until he comes back (hit appropriate button).


This is a very rough estimation based on this year. 35 levels passed = 70 hours of play. If they played 20 hands an hour this makes 1400 hands. For the last 5 years the number of players is roughly the same so I would guess the number of hands should be similar.


The problem with with making a standard raise with an M under 5 is that you will be left with a stack that is too low if you lose the pot. If a standard raise for this tournament is 2.5BB then you are raising to 2K to open the pot. If only the big blind calls you now have a 5K pot and a stack of 6K behind. Should you decide to push all in at this point your ...


It depends a lot on the origin of the player. Chris moneymaker for example won the main event without having prior experience, so I would guess he played no more than 2500 hands (that's just a hard guess, I don't know Chris moneymaker more than that and he might easily have played more than that before) A professional poker player on the Internet could have ...

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