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I don't like this play, mostly because you don't mention any specific reasons why you thought it might be a good idea. In the absence of this information, I think you should go with the default play here of implicitly checking it down post-flop with the other villain and folding to post-flop aggression from the villain unless you hit your flush draw. I ...


OP - I'd like to see you add some more information to the post because we would need to know more about your stack size. Based on the info provided, I like your play. However, if the other player was short stacked, then you can assume that their play was out of desperation, as is common late in tourneys. So I would have liked to have seen you either fold ...


OK, let's break it down mathematically. I'm going to use a standard poker equity calculator for this. You have T⋄ 9⋄ You say the all-in player had a medium pocket pair. For this "exercise", let's pick 8♠8♣ Let's consider the third player a typical tight-agressive player, in this case with a standard 18% Range of hands preflop ...


Definitely yes, its worth it. For example: you play MTTs, in the middle of tournament, and you've got a decent stack of chips (not short stacked). Blinds are going high, and a lot of short stacked players will start going all in. And that's where poker math comes into play. Its the best time to increase your stack by doing some calls, if odds / pot odds are ...


Knowing poker math has helped me bet (and win) the occasional hand by understanding pot odds. That made it "worth it" for me. More to the point, it's worth it for someone who plays "occasionally" or more.


During a cash game I agree with the above, generally speaking as fair practice. However, during tournament play I believe it is utter folly to exchange chips with other players for any reason; especially when there are tournament directors and dealers directly assigned to you, specifically purposed for this task.


Regarding the issue with the ante: yes, the dealer will give you back a chip of 500. (S)he will take it either from the current pot or ask another player to make the exchange. But only put the 1000 chip in if you don't have anything smaller to pay for the ante. As long as you have the required chip denominations, use them. As for exchanging chips: yes, ...


Because it is hard to say if player is sitting out or not while playing on-line. Usually (i.e. at pokerstars) after 1st missed action player is put into state "Sitting out" when it is not dealt any cards until he comes back (hit appropriate button).

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