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From the sounds of it, the tournament in question is a Sit'n'Go. These types of tournaments don't have an official start time; they begin when the required number of players have registered (in your case: 18 players). It might take 5 minutes or it might take 12 hours, there's no way to know. Usually, the smaller the buy-in and the higher the number of ...


I consider 12 big blinds as my "shove" meter. When I fall below that I'm shoving with live cards. So I always think to myself how much above I am from that amount. That usually helps me feel for how I'm doing since this measure will also change with each tourney level.


As a very quick estimation of where I stand, I do use the average stack as an indicator. But, if I'm in a tournament with more than a few hundred players left, I'm constantly aiming to have at least twice the average stack. Even then I'm not entirely comfortable. To put it differently, if I have average stack, I consider myself to be in a weak position ...


Most likely not. I know the minimum deposit for me is $10 USD and the minimum withdrawal is $10 USD so I'm assuming the same deposit/withdrawal restrictions would apply for you. Your best bet is probably to just deposit the minimum plus whatever you want to use for buy-ins. In this case, £7 + £1.00 + £0.10. Then after you play your tournament you can ...

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