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I am an online player and can guarantee you that every major online poker room considers A2345 a straight. The reason it is so hard to find a citation is because it is considered common knowledge (So if there exists a poker room where a2345 is not a straight the designers clearly just didnt know the rules). Here is a list of reputatble organizations ...


Hold'em Poker means having the 5 best cards available, your hand + board, and her hand + board. You both made a straight, doesn't matter what u have left over. This setup is a split pot, i guess u mixed something up. She probably had 10 and Ace or Ace Queen or Ace King for a Full House, which beats a straight.


There's not really an "official rules of poker" out there. Asking for a citation for this is like asking for a citation to the rule that states a flush beats a straight. However, the WSOP.com site does have a page on hand ranking : http://www.wsop.com/how-to-play-poker/hand-ranking.asp And in it, the WSOP official site states "In Poker, the Ace is the ...


Well, based on the American tax laws, the winnings of WSOP would be charged a tax of 30% if you are an American citizen. But, as far as the players from other nations are concerned, it would completely depend on the tax laws of their country, which is why the tax deductions don't show in their winnings.


There was a lot of controversy around that hand. I think the official explanation from the floorman and supervisor was that as soon as the floorman said "one" the hand was dead. He said "hand dead" a second later, but the time was up when the said "one".... I think this explanation is pretty thin. Friedman said "call" before the words "hand dead" were ...


It's called a "wheel straight" (every single poker website on which I played accepted wheel straight) and although I don't find it in the rules, it's mentioned in several PDFs accessible from the site wsop.com. You can google, for example, for (using site: to restrict the search to wsop.com): site:wsop.com "wheel straight" And you'll find, among other ...


When you see the "D" against a player's name, you can immediately assume that the player is positioned at the dealer button. In fact, anytime there is a "D" against the name of any player, it is only to denote this. For more rules and information on the game go HERE


There are no rules per say, on how to behave during a poker game,which is why during the game, poker players are known to trash talk their opponents and spoil their concentration. If you would like to know the rules more in-dept you could find them HERE.


In the thread You linked, there are a lot information about this topic. I try to make a little summary here. Official poker rules doesn't say too much about behaviour at the tables(nearly nothing). There are a document, made by the Poker Tournament Directors Association, that defines a collection of rules to make the game better, simpler and more ethic. ...

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