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I am an online player and can guarantee you that every major online poker room considers A2345 a straight. The reason it is so hard to find a citation is because it is considered common knowledge (So if there exists a poker room where a2345 is not a straight the designers clearly just didnt know the rules). Here is a list of reputatble organizations ...


While I have no experience with any on-line sites, I've never seen a casino poker game where A2345 wasn't a straight. On the other hand, KA234 is never a straight.


There's not really an "official rules of poker" out there. Asking for a citation for this is like asking for a citation to the rule that states a flush beats a straight. However, the WSOP.com site does have a page on hand ranking : http://www.wsop.com/how-to-play-poker/hand-ranking.asp And in it, the WSOP official site states "In Poker, the Ace is the ...


Hold'em Poker means having the 5 best cards available, your hand + board, and her hand + board. You both made a straight, doesn't matter what u have left over. This setup is a split pot, i guess u mixed something up. She probably had 10 and Ace or Ace Queen or Ace King for a Full House, which beats a straight.


A2345 is always a straight. Online, in casinos, and everywhere


It's called a "wheel straight" (every single poker website on which I played accepted wheel straight) and although I don't find it in the rules, it's mentioned in several PDFs accessible from the site wsop.com. You can google, for example, for (using site: to restrict the search to wsop.com): site:wsop.com "wheel straight" And you'll find, among other ...

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