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A small raise in relation to the pot size in order to steal the pot with reverse psychology.
created 2 days ago
Straddle, the act of doubling the blinds.
created Nov 4 at 22:27
pots were a larger blind is posted by the winner of the pot. This is called killing the pot or the kill.
created Nov 4 at 21:57
a mathematical formula for calculating the deviation of random data points from the average.
created Nov 1 at 9:24
Standard Deviation a mathematical principle.
created Nov 1 at 9:24
Pineapple Poker, variant of poker using three card hands, Pineapple Texas Hold'em or Pineapple open faced Chinese poker
created Oct 30 at 0:17
If a player has J-high in the back hand and does not foul he or she receives 20 units from all other players.
created Oct 30 at 0:17
American Sign Language
created Oct 24 at 0:18
created Oct 20 at 0:22
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the "study of strategic decision making".
created Oct 20 at 0:22