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a community-card poker variant in which each player receives 2 down cards.
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NLHE refers to the no-limit variant of Texas Hold 'Em
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played against remote opponents using software.
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Rules about all poker game types such as cash games, tournaments etc.
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generally based on mathematical principals to define the theory.
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Tournaments refer to poker games where players play until they run out of chips, with the last person having chips being the winner, the second to last taking second place, and so-on. There is no dir…
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the application of various betting options (check, bet, raise, call, fold) and amounts to achieve a desired result.
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poker that is played in person, whether in a casino or a home game.
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an account of a single hand of poker up to a certain decision point. They should include as much information as possible, and should not include information about the hand past the…
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Cash games refer to poker games where chip values correlate directly to money. They can generally be bought into at any time, and cashed out of at any time.
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Odds refer to a ratio. This can take many forms - 2 examples are pot odds, which is the ratio of the amount in the pot vs. the amount to call, and implied odds, which is the ratio of the amount you t…
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Computational mathematics for understanding odds and other playing percentages
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A game played with a no-limit betting structure allows each player to raise the bet by any amount up to his entire remaining stake at any time (subject to the table stakes rules and any other rules ab…
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Pre flop refers to the period of time in a flop game (such as Texas Hold'Em or Omaha) before the community cards are dealt. It consists of the posting of any blinds or antes, the dealing of the cards…
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Betting position refers to betting/playing strategies based on table position in relationship to the player who is currently the dealer.
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The process of studying and practicing poker in order to improve one's skill.
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Questions about all poker software.
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The study of words or phrases that have specific and established meanings in the context of poker.
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Betting all chips at a betting round in a no limit game
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No-Limit Variant; 100bb = ($)200. Currency is (Variable).
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Software tools to help players with player tracking, bankroll accounting, game simulations etc.
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Heads up refers to play between 2 players. A hand can start heads up, or it can become heads up when all but 2 players fold.
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a series of poker tournaments held internationally. It was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada (1970).
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Private games hosted outside casinos, typically in a host's residence. Table rules, stakes, and pay quality will vary wildly. Questions may involve hosting, blind structures, game styles, amateur tour…
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rules of proper behavior in a game.
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deals with computing probabilities for many commonly occurring events in the game of poker
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The cards that a player receives from the dealer in the first round (e.g. pre-flop), without taking into account the community cards or the drawed cards (in the case of Draw poker variant).
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unattainable by at least one active player, due to said player not having enough chips to call the full bet.
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A type of tournament that begins when a specified number of players have registered. These tournaments come in two forms: single-table and multi-table.
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Questions about psychology in poker.
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In probability theory, the expected value (or EV or expectation) of a random variable is the weighted average of all possible values that this random variable can take on.
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Bankroll management refers to balancing the amount used to play individual poker sessions against the total amount in a bankroll to maintain an acceptable risk of ruin.
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Forced bets before a hand of play that entices players to stay in a hand.
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Questions about poker books and references to specific tactics, strategies and rules advocated in the book.