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comment Number of gamtree nodes in HU
It would help if you gave a lot more specifications about the game setting. What game are you even talking about? What is the betting structure (be detailed)? In any case, there are likely at least trillions of nodes, even if you are bucketing scenarios.
comment How precise is math in the heat of battle?
They may be telling you something about their hand, but they are also putting their opponent in a position such that they are indifferent as to what their opponent does. Therefore, they are not giving up anything useful to their opponent.
comment Bigger than Big Blind
Who stopped the action and called for a floorman?
comment Question about BB/100
Yes, just halve your BB/100 and you will get the number that NL players report as their win rate. BB/100 = 2*bb/100. NL players report bb/100 as their win rate.