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6ft Dan

My core strengths are in HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Python. I've dabbled in Java, C++, Assembly, and Basic. I also am able to work with all client side web based technologies such as JavaScript, XML, Ajax.

In web development I specialize in theme design/layout, functional layouts, server side applications, and web automation. I really enjoy automating systems from both a server-side and client-side environment.

  • I'm well versed in Linux O.S.' and Microsoft Windows O.S.'

  • I can customize themes for any web framework, CMS, blog, application, etc.

  • I enjoy the Ruby programming language as it is a VERY capable language

  • I enjoy the Django/Python web framework as it is beautiful, simple, and keeps a core consistency in code design.

  • I am a junior Rails developer.

  • In web automation I have experience with Mechanize, Selenium, and Watir.

You can follow me on twitter @6ftdan