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Co-founder JustGolf. Passionate about developing quality software and beautiful code.

Experienced in:

  • Java client and server applications.
  • Objective-C for iOS.
  • Web technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS).
  • Python, including SciPy.

Patches contributed to various open source projects including Tomcat and Apache XML-RPC.

comment Dealing with final table shovers
Are you asking for a EV-maximizing strategy? Or are you trying to get into the money?
comment Is Small Ball Poker In Cash Games A Good Strategy?
In most places I've played, the rake is capped. When the pots get above the cap, the rake gets smaller (as a percentage of the cap).
comment Is Small Ball Poker In Cash Games A Good Strategy?
While I agree in general, I have to nitpick with one thing "big pots are where most of the profit comes from" should be amended to add "if you are a winning player".
comment 5/5 NLHE Flop decision against maniac and solid player
Is the aggro who doubled you up either of the villains? Were the villains at the table when you doubled up? Reason I ask, calling w/ AQ against a 4-bet shove from a weak-tight player is asking to be dominated. Therefore, I think your image might not be as weak-tight as you think it is.