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comment What does “run it twice” mean?
Typically in my experience, the offer of how many times to run it is usually decided before the player's holdings are revealed. Sometimes in the discussion, the players may talk about their hands in vague terms or may decide to reveal what they have. It's up to the situation and the players and even their relationship. Barry Greenstein for example only ever runs things once. I think Doyle Bruson might also.
comment What is a straddle bet?
It is possible to make a sleeping straddle (as opposed to a live straddle). A sleeping straddle is a straddle made not under the gun and it only stands if no-one has raised the pot before the action reaches the straddler. If someone has raised in front of the player then the straddle is taken back. The intention of the sleeping straddle is to stop people from limping in before the straddler - since the straddler has already announced that there is a raise.
comment Standing of all-in losers in a tournament
This is also true when playing multiple tables on the bubble in a hand-for-hand situation. So if there are two tables and player on each goes all in on the same hand, and they both bust, then the player with the shortest stack at the start of the hand is deemed to be the first person out of the two.