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comment Interactive texas holdem learning
I personaly think it's pretty good to get you going. You learn the basic mechanics of the game. To get a feeling for the game. Later you can switch to real money micro limits and refine your game
comment Inactive player problem: Where should the money be distributed in this situation?
You are probably 200 years late with this question... who cares about money when someone drops next to you
comment SNG or cash games, what is the best type of games for regular income
Yes...there is no silverbullet... you can look for example at Phil Helmuth... this guy is one of the best tournament players alive but has mediocer success in cash games... so if you like sng more then cash games then just keep playing them... there are a lot of people making a living only by playing sng
comment How often will pocket aces lose to 4 flush or set after the flop?
I didn't say that he should change bet sizing... i just said that his mindset is (in my opinion wrong)... more players => more possible trouble...
comment How often will pocket aces lose to 4 flush or set after the flop?
Just a short note about this: I make a reasonable bet so as not to blow everyone out of the pot, and get a lot of callers which I wanted. I don't think that you want a lot of callers... the more callers the greater the chance you are going to lose... this are your winning chances against a number of players with random holdings 1(85%) 2(71%) 3(62%) 4(55%)... The more players there are the weaker your aces are...