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I work as a PHP developer at Pentalog where we develop the largest dating site in Europe.

I thrive in challenging environments and am never afraid to get my hands dirty.

My passions include computer programming, psychology and poker.

comment When to bet/check with the pot very big?
What software did you use to generate the above workflow ? I think many would want to know.
comment How to choose new dealer when some new players have joined and some previous players have left the table?
This is a really good question, many experienced players get it wrong when playing live :) .
comment When to call all-in in heads-up game?
That was my first guess too, but I rejected the idea because the EV values seem very low to me. It's a heads'up match, how can Kings have only a 30 % EV there ? And AKs only 18 % ? Are you sure this is right ?
comment When to call all-in in heads-up game?
In the Hero's calling range table, what are the numbers below each hand ?
comment Has anyone withdrawn from DuckPoker?
I closed your question because it's not a good question for this site. It tends to breed subjective discussions with no clear "best answer". Please edit it by making it look less like a poll and add more specific details about what exactly you want to know.
comment Is online poker still a profitable way to make money in 2014?
Not really a great question, but not bad enough as to justify it beeing closed. However, would you mind editing it and adding the thought process you had that led you to asking this ? It will give more context and reduce the temptation to close it as "too broad".
comment Is my pair better than my opponent's pair?
Why didn't you search for an answer to this online ? Every Poker Tuturial 101 page out there contains sufficient information to figure out an answer to this. It's maximum 10 minutes of Googling. I downvoted your question for lack of research effort.
comment Storing Bankroll On Poker Site(s)
I think you misunderstood. Let's assume you win a huge amount of money in a tournament ($50K). The question was whether to leave those huge winnings in your poker account or to withdraw them (all of them or only a part).
comment Expanding my psychological game
Was this a live game or an online one ?
comment Whose turn is it?
hmmm, never thought of this. What you usually hear is Now the action is on player X.
comment Do I have to show my hand in an “All-In” situation?
@JanDvorak Right. Although in my scenario both A and B call :).
comment Do I have to show my hand in an “All-In” situation?
PS: You didn't had to create a new account to answer this...
comment Do I have to show my hand in an “All-In” situation?
Aha, now I understood what happened. Your opponents are right: typically you show your hand right away in that situation. However, it doesn't make any difference about who wins / who loses etc.
comment Simplest Way to Explain EV to Beginners
While technically correct, this seems a bit overwhelming for a beginner. +1 though :)
comment Final Table of Tournament - Hand History Example
3rd in chips with 13 BB ? What was that, a super turbo ?
comment The need of calculating EV?
+1 I really like how you explained things ;) . I would give you another +1 for quoting Super System, but I can't :(
comment Chances of 5 way chop (flush board)
I think intuition tells you/us it's a very very small chance. Maybe 1 in 500 thousand or something like that. I don't think the exact number really matters.
comment Do two A's beat a wheel straight?
Stupid question. While more questions and hence more activity is desired on this site, there's no point having questions that can be answered with a 3-second Google search.
comment The need of calculating EV?
The context might force you to fold, even if a call is CLEARLY +EV. Think of the bubble, for example. Or securing an extra $3000 because there's a super short stack at the table. In these cases, how big the plus or the minus is might be relevant.
comment Real money poker on Android?
I voted to close this since it's not about poker.