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Web Ninja with an interest in IT security, programming and electronics. Bug finder for drupal modules that usually give headaches to the module devs. Hopefully I can lend a hand in helping you fix your module!

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comment Did I play this correctly? $1-2 NL Holdem
By waiting to shove on the river. 1) I don't lose the hook on the Ace. 2) on the occasional suck out, I don't get stacked.
comment Did I play this correctly? $1-2 NL Holdem
I understand your thinking, but I didn't want to let either of the fish go on this hand. I knew one had a king and another had an ace. If the river was anything else but a King or an ace. I was shoving on the river and would atleast get one caller. An 80$ bet on the turn commits me to the pot and the king DEF would have sucked out.
comment NL100: Facing River Raise After Flopping Straight
IMO his range is something like [A-8,9,10], [K-9,10], [Q-9,10,J], [J-9,10]
comment Starting a Friendly Poker Ring
Yea we would start with a stack of about 5K. Starting the blinds at 25/50. After level 4 of the blinds (roughly an hour and 20 minutes laters) we would cut off rebuys.
comment Is it possible to play for real money online in the US?
This applys to US players as well?