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C#/Python/SVN/C++/C/bash/sed/awk ... did I say generalist?

Started with C++ on windows and mostly stayed with it. Been a few detours into Linux and I still keep Cygwin on my desktop.

comment Is Manipulating Your Own Table Image Beneficial?
+1 for asking the question I couldn't put into words!
comment Interesting Spot in Penny Poker: Overpair vs Nit on Wet Board
Do we have a Spoiler tag like Gaming SE? I'd like to know what our Hero did, and what the result was, including the villains cards!
comment What metrics do you use to evaluate your own live play performance?
Perhaps the question is; what are you trying to learn from the analysis?
comment Who wins this game of high low Hurricane with wilds?
I agree with @Jeffrey. There is no rule I've ever heard that "natural beats wild" when playing with wildcards. In this case both players effectively have A2, and split for low.
comment In Omaha, Is it allowed to only show two holecards at showdown when claiming the pot?
And post on what you find! My wife is the Omaha player, but hasn't done much open-table at the casinos as we tend to go for Tournaments...
comment How can I keep my skills sharp without online real-money poker?
I'd have to disagree; once you get out of the "this is fake money" zone and into the "I'm playing this because real $$ is illegal in my area" the decisions are the same. I've run into as many people making the same bad decisions for play money as I have playing live. You can learn skills from both.
comment Classic Books for Texas Hold'Em
The problem I found with Phil-the-author (Disclaimer: I have not read this one) was that he tried to bring too much 'brat' into the book and ended up cloaking good information in unnecessary attitude.
comment Where can I find information on local legal poker tournaments
Don't forget to chat with players while your at the Casino (be respectful of the game in progress, obviously). It's a great way to find out about games in the area.
comment Over the long term, how often will AA lose a hand?
I see AA lose often mostly because players have gotten fixated on their "awesome hand" and missed the flush, straight, etc. possibilities.
comment How do you determine which player needs to show their cards first?
Don't forget the opening line in Robert's: If everyone checks (or is all-in) on the final betting round, the player who acted first is the first to show the hand.