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comment NL100: 2-Pair In 4-Way Pot Facing OOP Lead @ Wet Flop
Small value bet could cause a bluff reraise (depends on your aggressiveness). But what would you do ? )
comment NL100: 2-Pair In 4-Way Pot Facing OOP Lead @ Wet Flop
yes, I saw :) though it was not clear what NL100 is. Never seen this abbreviation. This case was in a cash game, and I had a similar hand on a tournament.
comment Texas Holdem poker software for LAN
you can create a Home Game on PokerStars
comment What's the best book to read to understand this site?
a Villain... :)
comment Small Pairs on early and middle positions
but if the table is loose - that increases a risk of reraise
comment How do you play AQ or AK (off or suited) on $1/$2 Live?
everything is possible. 1)Set: how often your opponent will catch a set ? Maybe 5 times out of 100. Good thing that its possible that tight short stacked player will reraise you all in when he/she catches a set. Beware of these sudden all-ins and remember what kind of player you're agaist. 2) Possibility to catch 2 pair - if he's playing A-x. Well, there is a chance of that also. But also its less likely. Play with caution. 3) the worst opponents hand for this case would be J-10. If Q comes on the river- you'll have 2 pair and the opponent will score a straight. Gotta trust your instincts :)