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I am a former engineer, now a corporate pilot who enjoys programming both for work and as a hobby on the side.

comment The Importance of Mathematics in Poker
To add to this very good answer, it can also be a mathematically sound decision to make a sub-optimal play (one not supported by the mathematics of the hand) if it will allow you to achieve higher value in future hands because of it. (ie, if the other players perceive you as a "bluffer" because of how you played a few hands early, when you stop bluffing and start value betting in a way that looks like a bluff, it can be very profitable.)
comment How to best teach poker to a novice in 1 month?
+1: I have used almost all of these at one time or another in the past, and all are great recommendations! I would add to the list that joining an online poker training site where you can watch videos of pros not only playing, but explaining WHY they are doing what they do. This will help you more than anything! There are a bunch of them, but I personally have used pokerxfactor.com and they have a lot of great info. The value of the poker forums also can not be over-stated. Researching even this question on those sites will give you a treasure trove of good information!
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