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comment Trying to express NL betting rules formally, did I miss anything?
Hi Max. I played a live tournament the other day when this exact thing happened. No one was certain so the official came to the table and explained. If the person going all-in doesn't have enough for a legitimate raise, then those who have already made an action (e.g. they called the blinds before the all-in) can only call the all-in. They cannot re-raise. However, If someone hasn't made an action yet (say person to the left of the all-in), it is then ok for them to raise, and others may then re-raise.
comment Online vs Live problem
Also remember that there are less hands per minute in live tables due to manually shuffling and dealing. Therefore you play less hands at each blind level.
comment How many chips do you have left?
Thanks. In the tournament I played, it was free to enter, and there is no dealer. The players take turns in dealing the cards. Do you still think I don't have to tell?
comment Forums with lot of hand history analysis by other players
Nice question I was wondering about this just the other day.
comment What's a good strategy for playing overpairs post flop?
The odds of a certain player having AA is 0.45%. Against 10 players however, the odds of at least one person with AA is more than 4.4%. It doesn't matter if only 1 player calls, you still use this second percentage since no one will fold AA (see Monty hall problem)
comment Are Poker Books Trust Worthy?
Thanks for your answer. This is my first poker book too. You've given me lots to think about when reading this and other poker books.
comment Simple final table tournament play including push/fold
I did mathematical calculation the other day which may help here. I created a table that represents the probability of getting a better hand, with n hands to go. For instance, if there are 5 hands to go before the big blind, which will put you all in, then if you get a top 17% hand, there is a 50% chance that you will not get better than that before you're blinded all in. This can be extended to say 5BB, which gives you 5*x hands remaining where x = no. of players and so on.
comment Pot odds with low chip stack
This is my question, does anyone know how to link this question to my account?