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comment Is there a rule variation where only a single high card (not 2nd,3rd etc.) is used to resolve 2 flush hands?
While I agree with the answer generally I'd like to point out that that misconception is not uncommon and I've met several people which thinks flush works like that, with only the higher card being important to the flush. So it's may not be a cause of malice but of genuine lack of knowledge
comment NL100: Can I Call This River Shove?
I actually though you were saying you'd seen him do that move before. In that case I would fold... His line looks so strong at that point I'd say you're surely beaten. After you 3B him and barreling streets he can't be making that with air.
comment What I did was right?
Although Value or Bluff is a good approach for betting we sometimes bet to protect our hand too.
comment NL100: Facing River Raise After Flopping Straight
+1 What is he calling you with on the flop and turn? Not with a T high hand after you double barrel a flop like that and with no flush draw out there... definitively fold. I'm thinking 9T, TT, 99 or 88
comment NL100: River Shove with Ace-High?
You can't possibly be worried about being called by 5-7 after raising to 13BB... I don't think he tanked because he realized the straight in the flop, I think he planned on taking down the pot with the CBet and the raise made him think and take a poket pair into consideration.