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Young graduated developer. I've obtained my Master's Degree in sandwich courses. During my studies I was working in a company specialized in the migration and modernization of IT systems.

I'm mainly interested in Java technologies.

My first job was in Amsterdam, where I was an Hybris developer. Now I develop e commerce application for a luxury goods industry in Paris.

comment Position when joining a Texas Hold'em table
I don't really understan case 2. So if I "buy the button" I become Big blind and the guy who should have been Big blind do not have to pay it? Otherwise next turn I will be Small Blind and the guy after me will be Big Blind again.
comment Why is it forbidden to check-raise in some Casino?
I can't tell you the exact places where it's not allowed to check-raise. It's mentionned there en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Check-raise but no reasons are given.