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My main experience is in c++ and python. Previously I used both those languages extensively in scientific simulations programming. I'm currently learning more about hardware and embedded systems.

Big fan of static analysis tools like Pylint.

If you are on a laptop try swapping your caps-lock and ctrl keys!

comment NL600: Should I Make This River Bluff vs Reg?
As a default it's better to 3bet or fold sb vs steals when the stealer is competent. In general you need a pretty good reason not to. Perhaps because our opponent makes a weird open size here there's an argument for flatting but even then with the small aount of info given I'd prefer 3betting, we don't even have an ATS stat here or anything at all that indicates any positional awareness. Given 980 hands we have so little information posted on how the opponent plays. Given the lack of info I think 3betting preflop gives us less chances to make mistakes postflop...
comment NL400: Vs a TAG Regular. Interesting River Decision
you need a hand sample for the stats otherwise the stats, especially AF, are at best meaningless and at worst are misleading.