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who wins if everyone has a pair

I've been playing poker with friends and by the end of the play when all 5 cards are face up, everyone reveals their hand but only one of their cards matches the table, who is the winner? Table ...

asked by james 1 vote
answered by Marcio 1 vote

In live play, why do poker players wait their turn before looking at their cards?

This can be seen in virtually any televised poker game: only when it's their turn do the players look at their cards. Why don't they look at them immediately after the dealer gave them ? Yes, you ...

live pre-flop  
asked by Radu Murzea 15 votes
answered by DonkeyFish 11 votes

What is the best poker tracker/software?

I'm looking for a good poker tracker to improve my game. I found already this old article at the 2+2 forum from 2010: Hand HQ Best Supplemental Program Website: ...

software pokertracker holdem-manager  
asked by Jurik 4 votes
answered by Martin Sheen 6 votes

Good online poker app to play with friends?

I am looking for a good online poker application/website simply for playing heads up with my friends for fun. A few friends and I use the game-pigeon poker app in apple i-message for our phones, but I ...

asked by Clarko 1 vote
answered by paparazzo 2 votes

Classic Books for Texas Hold'Em

What are the classic books for learning Texas Hold'Em, off- or online? Books that every good player should, at least, know the gist of?

texas-hold-em books  
asked by luispedro 17 votes
answered by Jeffrey Blake 11 votes

PokerStars have banned the use of PokerTracker 4. Why?

I have had this software for a while and indeed used it during a complaint I had with PokerStars. Now when I run both together, a pop-up appears telling me it is banned and further use could result in ...

online poker-tools  
asked by Robbie Dee 3 votes

What are the odds of being dealt exactly the same 2 hole cards in consecutive hands?

I mean exactly the same two cards e.g. A♥ and 5♠, not just any A5 off suit.

texas-hold-em online  
asked by Robbie Dee 3 votes
answered by msergeant 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Average graph of high-ranking players' chips vs. hands played in major tournaments

(I haven't been able to find information elsewhere, so I'm asking here.) What is the typical graph of chips vs. proportion of tournament lifetime for players who did very well in a tournament ...

tournament poker-theory statistics  
asked by 404UserNotFound 1 vote
answered by Clarko 0 votes
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