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Top new questions this week:

What do they call the players stacks of chips? Like his bank or somethin'

This is such a dumb question, I know, but I've looked through several glossaries and have not found the answer. Each player has his pile of chips next to him that he uses for play. What do they call ...

asked by Scot Parker 3 votes
answered by Grinch91 2 votes

Probability of flopping a straight

I was thinking about calculating the probability of flopping straights, with certain hands. First, I thought about situations: obviously the difference between two cards can't be higher than 4. If the ...

asked by samivagyok 1 vote
answered by BowlOfRed 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is AK vs 22 a coinflip?

Why is 22 vs AK a flip? What's the calculation behind this theory because AK has more outs than 22, as AK has 6 outs and 22 has 2 outs, is that right?

odds poker-strategy  
asked by C Fghh 3 votes

How is Poker a game of skill?

First of all, I'm a newbie so excuse my stupid question but I have to know :( I notice a lot of people say this, especially those who play a lot of poker. I'm not really a poker player, but I know ...

asked by Cathy 9 votes
answered by Chris Oak 20 votes

How do the broadcasters know what the hole cards are in televised poker

I've been watching the 2016 WSOP events on youtube. So far, in every event I've watched all players hole cards are shown on every hand. Is this the new standard for WSOP events? Complete information ...

poker-tools wsop  
asked by BrianHVB 3 votes
answered by Grinch91 2 votes

Is Small Ball Poker In Cash Games A Good Strategy?

I have read Daniel Negreanu's book on small ball poker strategy in tournament play. Essentially, small ball poker involves playing a wider range of starting hands more aggressively, but only ...

texas-hold-em nlhe betting-strategy  
asked by Chris 17 votes
answered by Toby Booth 11 votes

How to deal with people who randomly go all-in?

In many freeroll or smaller buy-in tournaments, some people just go all-in every hand or make huge bets for no apparent reason. This is a bit annoying because it scares me somewhat, but it also might ...

tournament betting-strategy  
asked by Paolo 58 votes
answered by Chris Marasti-Georg 31 votes

How do poker sites detect bots?

Most sites do not allow bots. How do poker sites detect bots? I figured they scanned memory like how HUDs are detected. Based on an answer on another question they also detect it on the server side....

online cheating  
asked by paparazzo 3 votes
answered by Grinch91 6 votes

A flush beating a full house in a hold 'em poker?

I'm playing with T7 here vs Q6 suited. He gets a queen-high flush and I get a full house on the river. The game system gives him the win. Image resized. Click for larger variant I thought a full ...

texas-hold-em rules hand-history  
asked by Richard Todd 3 votes
answered by Clarko 5 votes
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