NLH tournament in the money
blinds 15 30

sb 1,950 J♠8♠
bb 1,889 K♠Q♣

sb bet 75
bb call 75
pot 150

sb 45
bb 175
sb call
pot 500

sb check
bb check

sb 180
bb 1000
bb ?

Pre flop
sb has a good enough hand to raise
bb has a good enough hand to call


sb has two overs, flush draw, and a back door straight draw - I get bet for value and maybe even get a fold

bb not sure what that bet is supposed to do. It is not enough to fold out a draw and trips would check here. Not sure what he is repping.

when sb calls it is hard to put him on a hand. Could have a strong draw, 2 pr, or a set.


sb check is good as bb has taken the lead

bb not sure I like the check but sb did just call your raise


sb for sure I don't like this bet. The hand improved to top pair. It now has show down value. Should check and hope to catch a bluff for not too much money. Call up to a pot size bet.

bb this is a bit of a risky bluff. A set would have called the flop and bet the turn. Back door flush draw is a reach but KcQc, or any Ac suited could play this way. You are repping like 67s? You are going to get call by trip 7 and sb could be on that hand.


sb folded

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