The rules for Pokerstars Badugi doesn't state what bets are available. https://www.pokerstars.uk/poker/games/badugi/

Assuming it's BTN/SB versus BB and both decide to keep raising and calling if raise is not an option, how would the betting go? Assuming large enough stacks also. Observing a few games I believe it would roughly go like

1st betting round

BTN posts 0.5BB, BB posts 1BB

BTN raise to 2BB (putting 1.5BB in, +1.5BB), pot 3BB

BB raise to 3BB (+2BB), pot 5BB

BTN raises to 4BB (+2BB), pot 7BB

BB can't raise, calls (+1BB), pot 8BB

1st draw

2nd betting round

BB +1BB, BTN +2BB, BB +2BB, BTN +1BB (call) pot 14BB

2nd draw

3rd betting round

BB +2BB, BTN +4BB, BB +4BB, BTN +2BB (call) pot 26BB

3rd draw

4rd betting round

BB +2BB, BTN +4BB, BB +4BB, BTN +2BB (call) pot 38BB


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Same as any triple draw poker game (Badugi typically plays with a triple draw). Get hole cards, round of betting from under the gun. Draw, bet a second round. Draw than bet a third round. Draw then bet a fourth round. Same as hold-em. You can play it triple draw, single draw, limit or no limit. Badugi is just a four card draw game with a different way of ranking hands. Nothing about the betting is any different then a five card draw game.

  • I would say "same as other triple-draw games". Standard draw poker has only one draw and thus only two betting rounds. Commented May 31, 2019 at 18:52
  • I will say that.
    – Jon
    Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 4:54

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