If player 1 has As Ac and player 2 has Ah and Ad and the 5 community cards are 7c Jh 4s 8h and Qc. Who would win, player 1 or 2?

In general, if two people have the same value of pocket pairs, how is the winner decided?

Moreover, instead of having pocket aces preflop, if player 1 gets his second Ace to form Ace pair when the river card is dealt, does it cause any change in hand ranking?


The plot will be split between both players, as the hands they can form (As Ac Qc Js 8h vs Ah Ad Qc Js 8h) have equal strength. In the spot you're using (AA vs AA), the only possiblity for either player to win at showdown the entire pot is to get a flush.

There are situations in which the pot can be split among more than two players. For instance, four players may have AK (whatever flush you want) in a QQQQ3 board.

Curious side note: In a board like As Kc Qd Jh Ts, every player still in the hand at showdown will get his chunk of the pot.

I don't know if I understood the last situation correctly. Wouldn't player 2 get a set there?


David already does a good job answering your question.

As for your last question. If player 1 has As x (where x is any random card, except an ace), and player 2 has Ah Ad, and the board is 7c Jh 4s 8h Ac, then player 2 will win because he hit a set. AAAJ8 vs AAxJ8

If the board is 7c Jh 4s 8h Ac, and both players for example have AK then it will also be a split pot because the best 5 cards are the same for both players: AAKJ8

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