In Tourneys I'm using Harrington M-ratio to determine actions and opponent ranges.

My question is should I use Effective M with 9-Max full ring tables (using a 9/10 factor), or I should just use raw M instead?


I think that using raw M is the way to go. Like it says in the wikipedia article that you linked, it is assuming that 10 is a full table. if you are playing 9-max, 9 would be a full table instead of 10. In the equation you would replace the 10 with a 9, and assuming that every seat at the 9 handed table is full, you will be using the raw M.

  • Thanks, ultimately I did the same. – Geri Oct 24 '19 at 16:12

I'd use effective M if I am the biggest stack on the table by a big margin. If I am 100BB deep but the second largest stack who hasn't folded is 20BB, I must play a 20BB-ish strategy

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