UTG is thinking.
UTG +1 raises out of turn for 5BBs. He apologies and takes his money back.

UTG, doesn't see that, UTG +1 had raised and he raises to 2.5BBs.

1) Does UTG +1 can just call 2.5BBs, or does he have to put 5BBs. What are the options available for UTG +1, knowing UTG raised 2.5BBs.

2) What are the options for UTG to keep the 5BBs from UTG+1 in action.

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1) I believe in this situation, UTG +1 has all the options that he/she would normally have. ignoring other players in the hand, UTG gets a nice advantage (if they paid attention) because they get a hint of what UTG +1 would have done if UTG would have folded. UTG +1 is basically only hurting himself/herself by raising out of turn. If any player had a big problem with it, (suspected angle shooting or repeatedly acting out of turn) then they could call over the floor and have them make a ruling which varies from place to place.

2) UTG here did not see the raise out of turn, but if UTG did see it the most that he/she could do is call over the floor or tournament director for a ruling. I don't think that the floor would ever make them put the 5bb back out but I could be wrong.

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    Yes, when UTG+1 raises out of turn, he's committed to that raise if there's no intervening action, but UTG's raise takes him off the hook, and he can take any action he likes. Dec 10, 2019 at 18:58
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    2) Only way to ensure that the 5bb raise stays in play is for the UTG player to check. UTG+1 is forced to put his bet out if UTG checks.
    – Jonast92
    Dec 11, 2019 at 10:15

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