We started to play on Pokerrrr 2 app.

From a very small sample size I felt that players have stronger hands than usual and there are too many coolers. Is it known that they use Random/non-Random distribution?

The app state their RNG is checked by Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI), does someone knows if this certificate is worth anything?

enter image description here

  • many comments about how fake their shuffle is appgrooves.com/app/… most unrealistic hands in poker imaginable!!! – Cohensius Mar 26 at 0:12
  • I am shocked you close this question! How a Rigged site is opinion-based? + I think that the community of poker players would like to such a thing. – Cohensius Mar 28 at 16:26
  • Respectfully, what can people answer to this? Unless you can get someone who has a huge sample size to verify, or someone who works in the company to admit it's rigged and provide proof, it is absolutely opinion based. – Grinch91 yesterday
  • 1
    How can this question be opinion-based? Either the app is rigged or not, and it's not a matter of opinion – David yesterday
  • And, please, pray tell how you can legitimately and factually prove that outside of the comment I put above? To say you think it's rigged after what was admitted as a very small sample size is absolutely an opinion. If you've played long enough I am confident you've been on the good and bad side of variance where you run into good hands both against and in your own hand in a disproportionately amount. I know nothing of the site above, nor did I close this question, but I agree in its current format this sounds and reads as a venting thread, which is opinion based. – Grinch91 yesterday

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