See the first line in the picture. I got 3 Nines and 2 Fives and my opponent got 3 eights and 2 Nines.

I thought the triplet was ranked first and thought I would have won the hand. Why did I lose?

See First Line

  • There's not enough information here to tell. Are you playing Omaha? – Herb Wolfe Jun 7 at 23:50
  • 1
    if your playing Omaha you do not have a full house – Jon Jun 8 at 2:55

It looks like you're playing Omaha. If that's the case, then Omaha hands are made from exactly two of your four cards plus exactly three from the board. So you cannot play the 9 and both 5s from your hand. You don't show your opponent's hand, but I assume it contains two 8s, in which case he plays them along with 8 9 9 on the board for a full house.

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  • ^this. You must use 2 pocket (hole) cards and 3 community cards in Omaha. – Jonast92 Jun 8 at 17:25

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