Given this scenario...

  • Current pot 1000
  • Player A bets 10
  • Player B calls
  • Player C raises to 100 (10 to call + 90 to raise)
  • Player A folds
  • Player B folds

What messaging should player C get? Should it be "you've won 1120" or "you've won 1030" because technically nobody called the 90 player C raised.

I've been discussing it with a friend who tells me that player C's chips were not added to the pot so should be 1030...but I'm not sure. I think any chips in-play are technically part of the pot.

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An uncalled bet or raise is not part of the pot unless it is called. This pot is 1030. $1000 + Player A Bet $10 + Player B call $10 + player C call $10 = 1030. The 90 raise is not part of the pot until someone calls the raise.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. So I guess the messaging should be "you've won 1030" and the 90 just gets returned without mentioning it. A side question off this... does the value of the pot only get updated after the phase is finished? I'm assuming so but just want check.
    – Lewis Peel
    Jun 11, 2020 at 9:37

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