Consider the following situation (playing pokerTH on Ubuntu) : In the TURN round only two players are left. Me and Player One.

  1. I bet $20
  2. Player One bets $120
  3. I get the next chance to either Call ($100) or Raise. Computer tells me the min raise should be $200.

According to my understanding Raise amount should be (Call + Big Blind) but in this round there is no big blind. So what is happening here?

  • Anyway who would want to make a smaller raise?
    – David
    Commented Jun 21, 2020 at 22:29

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The program is telling you to raise it would be 200. That is 100 as a call and 100 as a raise.

When you think of the big blind think of it as a bet, that is all it is, a bet like any other, as far as how much you can raise. Keep it that simple.

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