When playing at the microstakes, I found myself in the following situation where I lost about 2€, and I was wondering if I should have played the hand differently.

It's a full ring 1/2 cents game. I'm in the small blind with Kh6c and so far everyone folded (I'm not sure anymore about the 6c, but it was a relatively low kicker). Villain in the big blind has a VPIP of about 25 and I succesfully stole his blinds several times before, so I try it again. I raise to 6 cents, villain calls. I think I have quite a loose table image (VPIP of about 30 and I stole many blinds before).

Flop comes 4d7sKc. I raise by 9 cents, villain calls.

Turn is Kd, so I have three kings. I want to check-raise, so I check, villain raises and I reraise. Villain calls.

River is 9s (or something similar, it didn't really change the board so I don't remember). I bet 2/3 pot, which is about 1€ by now, villain raises by 16 cents (maybe he was all-in, I don't remember). I call.

Villain has pocket sevens, giving him a full house (three sevens and two kings). I only have three kings so I lose.

Do you think I should have played things differently? Maybe when he called my check-raise I should have abandoned the hand? When he kept calling I kind of feared he would have the fourth king and my low kicker would kill me, but figured that to be sufficiently unlikely.

  • Why check-raise then if you think your hand is not that strong – David Jun 30 at 13:18

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