Board: K J A A 3 Player 1: K J Player 2: K 2 Signs don’t matter since no one had a flush. From my understanding it’s a tie. Since the best hand is A A K K J and both players have the best hand. Doesn’t matter if player 1 had a J in their hand. But this is always an issue in my house hold. They believe because player 1 holds the J they win. And if there’s video proof of this please include since they also think they’ve seen it in professional poker games that the person with J wins.

  • If you want "proof", just tell your poker buddies to read Wikipedia, or this page. – Lee Daniel Crocker Jul 14 '20 at 23:07

You are right. Hold em poker hands have 5 cards only (including any combination of a players hole cards and the cards on the board), there is no 3-pair and no extra kickers for hands like straights and 2 pairs.

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