I live in the US so I have very limited access to online poker (I only play on legal sites) and mostly play on WSOP.

But, I want to get a sense of how the games are going on the large sites like Poker Stars, Party Poker, etc. How have the games been since the quarantine? Are there more players? Have the games become easier? I keep hearing that it's a good time for online poker right now and I want to get some feedback from the members of this community.

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    I won't post this as an answer as I haven't played much, however the few times I have I've definitely seen plays that were questionable at best to just plain bad more so than I've seen for a number of years. The few I played have been much softer and busier. A good friend of mine who plays professionally has dropped levels to take advantage of the softer fields. He has done extremely well in this Covid world. I won't post as an answer as I can't verify his account, but in general I'm seeing and reading a lot about softer fields and a boom in general. – Grinch91 Jul 22 '20 at 9:35

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