I'd like to play against strong bots to practice, but so far I haven't found much.

I've seen http://www.cleverpiggy.com/nlbot, but it looks like it only allows heads-up. Ideally I'd like to practice 6-max no limit hold'em games.

Alternatively, I'm open to installing/compiling open-source software. I don't care how ugly it looks or if I have to play in the terminal :)


Only recently (about a year ago) they have created an AI called pluribus that can play and consistently win against strong human opponents in 6-max games. My guess is that it is not yet available as open source software or as something publicly available for anyone to play against because the AI was developed in a research lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

Having said that, The AI will most likely make its way into software or other commercial platforms in the near future for players to experiment with because its abilities would be very useful for players to study.

  • Thanks! Do you think people would pay for such a service? – static_rtti Sep 19 '20 at 22:02
  • 1
    They would, and they do! pokersnowie is a coaching software that utilizes AI to analyze your game (heads up I believe). You play the AI and it coaches you when you play. If there was an AI software that utilized 6-max games it would definitely get some attention and downloads. @static_rtti – Clarko Sep 19 '20 at 23:51

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