with poker solver, i have set two strategy on flop, optimal and simplify(more easy to use and replicable in game):

Pot is 220. Effettive stack is 890.

Strategy 1 - optimal : the EV is 120,62.
Strategy 2 - simplify : the EV is 114.68

Now the question is : How do estimate if the EV loss, is acceptable ?

Someone have suggest me the formula like this :

EV1-EV2 = x;
x / pot = y;
y * 100 = z; 

If 0 < z < 1~ is acceptable!
OOP EV on the left is a Strategy 1, 
OOP ev on the right is a Strategy 2.
and in a calcuator we have a formula result.

For formula result, this Strategy 2 isn't acceptable.


And some people says me, if i use a pot in BB ,(play 100x on table) use this:

EV1-EV2 = x;
x / pot = y;
y * 10 = z; 

(in the example , now we have pot 22BB, and Effective stack 89BB)


But i don't understand this formula. And result is inconsistent. Now, for formula, this EV loss is it's acceptable

why operation x / pot ? What rappresent ?? and why y * 100 ? What rappresent ?? a % of ??What? and why y*10 if pot is in BB ? I'm confused..


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