I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question since the issue seems so subjective and I have not found any poker-related material related to this issue.

I'm talking about the fight, flight, or freezing at the tables. An example might be in order

I'm playing a live cash game, and we're in a heads up hand. Flop goes check, we bet, he calls. Turn the pot gets bigger, he checks, on to me and sometimes I

  • Feel "stuck", unable to clearly think.
  • I often revert back to some automated response to this (or any) situation instead of analyzing the hand in detail.
  • I feel my heart is pounding.
  • After a few seconds I can vaguely put together what took place he limped/called pre, check/flop, now on to me. However, the thinking seems foggy, unclear, and irrational at times.

Does anyone have any experience with this at the poker table?

  • I do, but I don't really have any advice for you. I have bad anxiety when I play live poker (and just bad social anxiety in general). Someone told me it makes me hard to "read" because I always look nervous no matter what (lol), but it's unfortunate that I (as you said you feel too) struggle to think clearly in these situations. – Adam Sharpe Feb 1 at 23:02

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