Recently I had a situation where I made a flush on the turn but my opponent made a full house on the river. The board was J5566 so it wasn't too difficult for anyone to make a full house in this case (just need to be holding a 5 or a 6). He bet half pot on the river and I raised him 3x. He snap called. In hindsight, maybe I should have just called instead of raised in this situation.

My question is how likely is a full house when the board pairs twice with low numbers like this? Would you consider folding a flush to a half pot bet?

My rationale for folding: at low stakes like 1/2, opponents are rarely bluffing. The only hands we beat are two pair with Jx and it's unlikely he's representing something that weak.

My rationale for calling or raising: a typical 1/2 player would bet much larger than half pot if they made a boat. It's likely he just has Jx and will fold to a raise.

Generally speaking, I struggle in these situations where I am supposed to let go of a strong holding against a stronger one. Also, I don't have a useful thought process for navigating paired boards other than "pot control".

  • What was the preflop action? What are the effective stack sizes? What is your history with this villain? – Andrew Chin Feb 19 at 2:12

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