Where in the world is the best (read: Least restricted in a safe manner) Poker right now? I know Vegas is operational, but not great. London is a shit show. I am probably not going to make a trip to China right now but maybe Australia? I have no what the poker scene is like over there but I know COVID is relatively under control...

Is there anywhere in the world where, if you could snap your fingers and go play there safely, would be great for live poker right now? Playing online is getting quite old, IMO. I'm not talking about bum hunting, or looking for fish, but rather curious where I could theoretically play live poker without sanitizing my hands after very hand.. ;-)


  • Active, Texas, safe, not so sure on that. Good friend of mine is working as a dealer in Texas right now and it's booming. However from what he mentioned around the safety stuff it certainly is a half measure in my opinion, just masks I believe, not like the way Vegas is currently operating with the full Plexiglass tables. – Grinch91 Feb 16 at 10:05

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