Game Info

  • $350 Live Tournament
  • 8-handed

Hand Info

  • Cards: AKs (Diamonds)
  • Hero Position: Big Blind (BB)
  • Villain Position: Under the Gun (UTG)
  • Hero Stack: 29,000
  • Villain Stack: 27,500

Other Info

  • Villain has been running hot, several pocket pairs, talking up a big game, likely a pretty good overall.
  • Hero has established a reputation for being tight-aggressive, not afraid to go all-in during early stages of the tournament.
  • We are only in the 3rd round of the tournament so it is still very early.


  • Villain: Bet 600
  • Hero: Raise 2400
  • Villain: All-In
  • Hero: Call


Villain shows KK and it holds up vs. AKs (finding another K on the river for good measure).

My Thoughts

I think I played this hand poorly and I am erring on the side of being hard on myself. I don't want to talk myself into this not being too bad of a play. At this early stage of a tournament I should not expect any decent player to shove all-in pre-flop this aggressively with anything less than QQ, which I was still behind on. Obviously KK is the top of anyone's range, but in hindsight the villain's hand was more or less face-up (that being either KK or AA) and I should have been able to fold AKs here. I think that is the crux of this issue here for me is being able to walk away from a hand like this. Also, as soon as I looked at the AKs, I remember reading something a while back about how dangerous AK/AKs can be early on in tournaments. I did not heed this advice but rather snap-called. I do want to be prepared to go all-in when raising if players behind jam, but another thing that bothered me about this play is that I did not stop to think longer after the villain went all-in. I think had I thought a bit longer about how the hand played out I could have found a fold here.

On the flipside, AKs vs. KK isn't as bad as I thought it was with all-in equity looking to be 33.69% vs. 65.48%. Not great for this early in a tournament, but not quite as dominated as I thought I was.

  • How many big blinds are we talking about here? Anyway I'd say that your AK is an easy fold against their 10x raise. 34% equity is still too low because AA is also in his range. The only case where you could consider a call is if you were absolutely sure that he would have played QQ or JJ that way but never AA (which is probably not the case and would be a horrible play by Villain). And even then with stacks so deep I don't think you have enough equity to make a profitable call.
    – David
    Jun 12 at 19:32

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